Project Development

Project Development

Just getting started identifying and nailing down the scope?  Our team can help prioritize and plan the next steps, bring on the right contractors and align the team for success.

Capital projects can make-or-break a new venture.  The projected capital cost to build a facility is usually a major factor driving the business case and the ‘go/no-go’ decision for the project.  Project managers and contractors, dependent on the project moving forward, are motivated to be optimistic on capital cost estimates and plans.

That’s why investors and executives need independent, experienced advisors they can trust to provide an unvarnished assessment of projects before any significant commitments are made.

IEDG can provide that experienced, independent oversight. We can:

  • Help develop commercial and contracting strategies to allocate risk and optimize contractor performance including:
    • RFP development
    • Contractor selection
    • Reporting
    • Governance
  • Validate initial estimates, plans and business cases
  • Help recruit, establish accountability and set the project team up for success
  • Validate appropriate cost and schedule baselines
  • Facilitate value engineering and cost optimization exercises